Sunday, April 19, 2009

Throw It Up High, Then Catch Lab #4!

-In this 4th lab at St. Mary's Elementary School, I feel that I have learned a great deal about teaching kids. Being my first experience working with a large group of kids, I have learned crucial skills such as getting and maintaining the attention of your students so that you can teach them. Being thrown into such a chaotic environment with many kids of different ages and varying abilities, it was hard to first identify what works and what doesn't with the different age groups.
-The locomotor skills being observed today were the catch and the throw, both are very common locomotor skills for they are involved in many games, sports, and activities. The St. Mary's students being observed today were Sophia and Shamus, both 6 years old. Their abilities with these locomotor skills were rather similar: they both struggled in proper overhand throw techniques, but could catch rather well. Shamus struggled in the preparation aspect of the catch where Sophia struggled when it came to actually catching the object. The game being played required students to throw varying object of varying size and shapes for a rather far distance. It was fun for them but it made it apparent that proper throwing was a general weakness throughout the age group.
-A constant struggle for myself, and other Cortland students [I'm assuming], is getting the attention of the St. Mary's students and keeping them motivated to play the "college student's games". The environment is such a highly chaotic and, at times, unorganized; the disorganization is due to the large number of kids of varying age levels with Cortland students of which many haven't have much teaching experience or experience with kids at all. At this point in the semester there has definitely been a noticeable improvement in the ability to calm down the kids and get them excited for the "college kid's games".

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