Sunday, April 19, 2009

Leap High, Jump Far, and Slide Low... Here Comes Lab #3!

-Today being our 3rd lab, the Cortland students seemed to have a better grasp on organizing the chaos of the after school program; we were able to get the attention of the St. Mary's students easier.
-The specific locomotor skills being observed today were the leap, horizontal jump, and the slide. The particular students that we were observing perform these locomotor skills were 6 year old Anthony(M) and 6 year old Rowan (F). Both St. Mary's students were similar in their abilities in performing the specific skills; both Anthony and Rowan struggled in particular aspects of the leap and horizontal jump, the the biggest difference in the students was their ability to perform the slide. Anthony was able to keep his body turned sideways and in the desired direction as well as having a short period of time where both feet off the ground - these are aspects of the slide that Rowan could not do. While Rowan could not do these things, she could step sideways followed by a slide of the trailing foot to a point next to the lead foot when Anthony could not.
-Today was the first time that my group and I got the opportunity to work with the older St. Mary's students. I prefer working with the older group because they understand directions more and can participate in more complex games or activities. Although it is easier to explain the task to the older group, it sometimes becomes more stressful because there is always a handful of students who object the game or activity that we are trying to introduce; it takes more energy and effort to motivate them to want to try our games. Today, though, we played a game of kickball; we split the group into two teams and the Cortland students participated too. Since it was an activity that many of the St. Mary's students are aware of and are fans of, the explanation of the game, as well as game play, went smoothly.

-Throughout the lab I learned more and more about getting the attention and keeping the students motivated. Staying positive and saying encouraging statements help to keep the students involved and having fun, especially the older ones!

***Check out this YouTube! Great for motivating jumping with the younger age levels:

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