Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just Getting Started!

-The first lab was on February 9th, 2009. It took place at St. Mary's Elementary School here in Cortland, NY. The lab was an after school program going from 3-5 every Monday.
-Being the first lab of PED201, everything was a little unorganized and chaotic - the lab being an after school program and there being a large group of St. Marys students of all ages. Once the lab got going, though, the different age groups were split up into different groups to work with (i.e. PRE K, 1st & 2nd graders, and 3rd-6th). It was then that the lab became organized and it became evident that grade level and ability are correlated; PRE K students cannot preform the same activities or play the same games as the 3rd-6th graders.
-We played games such as: Temple Tag, Blog Tag, and Rock, Paper, Scissors with the younger age groups. Although Temple Tag was easier for the kids to grasp because they have already played the game in their scheduled PE class, Blog Tag was a harder concept to grasp. Today being a day where we only worked with the younger age levels, Rock, Paper, Scissors was a huge hit; this version of it required using the body to form the shape that represents a rock, paper, of scissors. Splitting the group into two teams with Cortland students both helping out and participating helped the game to flow better, as well as keeping the St. Mary's students interested for a long time.
-After quite some time in the gym, the group (including Cortland students) moved downstairs into the cafeteria for snacks and games - all which require fine motor skills, unlike the locomotor skills demonstrated when playing games in the gym. After a snack the students moved to the other tables where coloring, card games, and many other little games were going on. This was a great opportunity to observe the fine motor skills of this younger age group.

-To wrap up the day, all of the Cortland students and St. Mary's students gathered in the gym upstairs for basically an open gym were they could play anything they wanted without direction. It is at this point that I started to realize that becoming a teacher will be more difficult than I expected... but I look forward to the challenge!

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