Monday, April 20, 2009

Hippity-Hoppity Easters On It's Way!

-Today was the final lab for PED201, and the theme was Easter! All of the Cortland students had to choose a game or activity with an Easter theme; props were greatly suggested and made the last lab a fun lab! My group, the Spectacular 6, chose to play a game similar to Capture the Flag; the kids had a great time running back and fourth collecting eggs and trying to capture the prized Easter bunny! The whole lab session can be summed up in one word: fun - isn't that what PE is about???
-I have learned a great deal from participating in the 6 labs; I have worked with kids before, but more so in a one-on-one environment or in a coaching environment - not so much an environment where I am teaching a large group of kids. I have learned how to control a large group of kids at varying age levels and abilities, meanwhile collaborating with a group in order to get the job done.
-I have also learned some of the generalizations among the elementary level, such as the attitudes or the abilities that, for example, a PRE K student would have versus a 6th grader. I have observed that the younger students, in some cases, are better listeners than the older more stubborn age levels.
-I have learned much about identifying and analyzing both fine motor skills and locomotor skills of the varying age levels. Learning how to identify a students movement progress aids me in learning how to teach the different locomotor skills crucial to movement development. It also helps me in the games and/or activities that I need to choose for my future class in order to help my students progress.
-Throughout participation in the PED201 labs, I have just started to reflect on everything that I have learned and use it to help form my future style of teaching. Generally, I have learned how to handle kids in large groups and techniques on how to get their attention. Techniques such as being really enthusiastic when introducing a game or saying things like: "clap your hands if you hear me, clap your hands twice if you hear me, etc." or "criss cross apple sauce, put your hands in the pot". There is much much much more to learn when if comes to dealing with and teaching kids of all age levels, but I have found that the most important element is always to have fun no matter what you do!

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