Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gallop, Skip, and Hop into Lab #2!

-The second lab at St. Mary's started off rather similar to lab 1: chaotic! After a few minutes, though, the Cortland students successfully split up the age groups and got everything organized. The St. Mary's students still made it difficult to grab their attention and explain the game or activity. At first my group and I (the Spectacular 6) were upstairs in the gm observing the St. Mary's students playing while other Cortland groups taught the game or activity.
-Today we observed two student's gallop, skips, and hop, the two students being 6 year old Shamus and 5 year old Casey. Throughout the observation, I could conclude that both students were able to perform the specific locomotor skills. Though all three chosen locotmotor skills could be performed by both St. Mary's students, the proficiency of each skill varied between Shamus and Casey; Shamus was able to perform the gallop, skip, and slide much more efficiently that Casey. For example, in the gallop: Shamus was able to perform every aspect of the gallop where Casey couldn't lead with both the left and right legs.
-After quite some time observing in the gym, the Spectacular 6 and myself moved downstairs to teach out game called Stinky Letter Stew. Although it wasn't the best game for observing particular locomotor skills, it kept the kids moving and thinking and, above all, having fun! Though not effective for observing the specific locomotor skills, it did involve many while working on literary skills by working with letters.
-The day ended, as always, with some open gym time where the St. Mary's students could let loose and play! Although a somewhat rough start, the say was successful in that all learned something new, reinforced a skills, and/or had fun!

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