Monday, April 20, 2009

Dribble With Your Hands & Kick With Your Feet - Lab #5!

-The locomotor skills of the day were dribbling (stationary bounce with one hand - as in basketball) and kicking. My group, the Spectacular 6, picked a relay type activity that incorporated both of these skills to create a fun and active game for the group. Today, though, we only observed one students ability to perform the dribble and kick: Shamus. He really struggled when it came to the dribble with one hand, but his kicking was better - although a little in consistent.
-This being the 5th of 6 labs, there is a lot to reflect on and there has been much learned. Reflecting on all of the activities that have been executed throughout the 5 labs have all been successful; they each kept the kids moving and had them performing a number of locomotor skills. Some were less effective in that the instructions or tasks involved were too complicated to the age group that they were presented to, but the Cortland students always seemed to make the necessary modifications to get the job done.
-Although every lab game/activity had a successful outcome, there was always a little bit of a process when choosing one that we deemed appropriate. There are many limitations because games/activities are to be chosen based on them needing to execute a particular locomotor skill, as well as being appropriate for the age level involved. These limitations made the process of choosing a game or activity more difficult because of the specific guidelines. Though limitations present, the games ultimately chosen turned out rather successful!

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