Wednesday, April 15, 2009

As the end draws near...

As the semester draws closer to the end with only 13 days left of classes, so does PED201 and the St. Marys labs. Throughout the semester, PED201 has explored the locomotor skills of the younger age groups and the developmental process. Through the labs, Cortland students have been able to observe PRE K - 6th grade students preform certain games or activities and the locomotor skills involved in each; we have learned how to identify the different skills levels a child can have. Also through the labs, we have learned how to work in the most chaotic environment but still keep it organized and get the job done when it came down to getting the kids to participate in the game or activity and observe the different locomotor skills involved in each game or activity. For me, it has been my first experience working with children [while in the PE program] and I have already learned a great deal about their movements related to age levels and how to do your best in working with a large group of kids and calming them down so you can teach them. The lab had also encouraged me to collaborate with a group to create the most succesful and fun activity for the St. Marys kids while helping our fellow classmates observe locomotor skills involved in our activities. I have had a great experience throughout PED201 learning teaching skills that are both affective and unaffective, while further realizing that PE is the major for me!

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